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  • Instagram has more than 1.3 billion users, making it the most powerful social media marketing platform. With accurate Instagram advertising , you can increase brand awareness and gain high conversions. So, if you are planning social media marketing for your business, Instagram is the perfect platform. With different types of Instagram ads and a huge audience to target, you can expand your business quickly.

    Shark Matrix is the most trusted & experienced Instagram marketing agency in Dubai, UAE. We have a team of in-house Instagram marketing experts who can run the best Instagram campaign for you and target the audience that matters most to your business. If you are looking for 360-degree Instagram advertising services , call +971 4 507 2057 for the best & most affordable solution.

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What Makes Us a Result-Driven Instagram Advertising Agency in Dubai, UAE?

Importance of Instagram Marketing

Why Should a Business Invest in Instagram Marketing?

  • Instagram is one of the most successful platforms for advertising your business. With our powerful strategies, we can generate high ROI for your business.

    This social media platform has the best audience targeting features, allowing you to define the campaign audience by accurately selecting location, interests, lookalike audience, and behaviors. By taking benefit of these features and applying our tried & tested Instagram advertising strategies, we can increase the brand awareness of your business and reach the most suitable audience.

    If we look at the data, Instagram has more than 1.3 billion active users monthly. Each day, 40+ billion photos are posted on Instagram and get more than 4.2 billion likes on posts. If you compare Instagram with other social media platforms, you will know that Instagram has the highest user engagement rate. This data clearly says that you are way behind your competitors if you’re not advertising your business on Instagram.

    Some More Facts About Instagram

      Instagram ads easily get full access to Facebook’s high-end campaign customization options, ad targeting methods, and custom formatting facilities because Instagram is completely integrated with Facebook Ads. With such features, you can generate high engagement from your ad campaigns.
      Brands and their Instagram ads get more attention from Instagram users than advertising on any other platform. As per the current data, the brands get 58% more engagement from Instagram users than Facebook. And if you compare Instagram with Twitter, the engagement rate is 120 times higher.
      As per the data, ad recall from Instagram ads is 2.8x higher on average than from other social media platforms.
      If you check the mobile audience, Instagram has the highest number compared to all other social media platforms.
What Makes Us Unique?

Why Choose Us as Your Instagram Advertising Partner?

At SharkMatrix, we understand the power of LinkedIn marketing and have a proven track record of delivering successful campaigns for our clients.

Shark Matrix is one of the leading Instagram advertising agencies in Dubai. With our tried and tested Instagram ads strategies, we can improve the brand awareness of your business and increase conversions. We helped plenty of agencies achieve their business goals with the help of Instagram advertising.

  • Initial Instagram Account Setup

    Our Instagram marketing experts create and publish the professional Instagram account for your brand. We check each detail and make it engaging and informative so the visitors can get complete information about the business. We add relevant links to your Instagram profile so visitors can be directly redirected to the official business website. We also try our best to get the verification badge for your brand account to increase the brand value and trust.

  • Organic Instagram Marketing

    Our creative team checks the current trends on Instagram and prepares the content calendar that suits your business services and products. We know that users will scroll down quickly if the posts and the content are not creative and engaging. So we put all our efforts into making the most engaging so users spend time on it and navigate to the website from the post. With such creative posts, we help our clients to increase likes and followers organically.

  • Paid Instagram Marketing

    Shark Matrix is one of Dubai’s most successful Instagram ad campaign service providers. With our knowledge and creativity, we can prepare powerful ad content, images, and videos for your Instagram ad campaign. We work smartly to choose the right audience for the campaign to reach the maximum number of people interested in your products or services. Contact us to get high ROI on a limited budget.

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