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Transform your business ideas into reality with our native Android app development services. SharkMatrix software development services in UAE are known to boost business sales and acquire more profits for startups, SMBs, and enterprises. We have in-house native application solutions services for Android that offer you fully functional, future-ready, customized, and secured business solutions.

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  • With more than 2.3 billion users worldwide (2023), Android OS has more than 70% of the total market share in smart device operating systems. Shark Matrix is a known Android app development company, committed to providing ultra-premium business solutions to automate internal and external operations. You can develop native Android applications development to have an upper hand in rendering the best features of the operating system in your digital products.

Our Premium Android Development Services

Android application development at SharkMatrix is a thoughtful process where we carefully listen to every concern of yours. Here are a few comprehensive Android app development services we offer:

Custom Android Apps Development Services

Custom Android Apps Development Services

Any diverse set of business requirements you may come with, our Android app developers brilliantly design, develop and execute software solutions that stand apart from others.

Android UI/UX design

Android UI/UX design

Billions of dollars are put into UI/UX design showing its significance. Our Android UI/UX designers walk the extra mile to get you the best design for a user interface that converts a visitor into a potential customer.

Android Web-Based App

Android Web-Based App

Our Android app developers are proficient in building a customized web-based app that is not just flexible, but also feature-rich and apt for your users to contribute to your business growth.

Enterprise Mobility on Android

Enterprise Mobility on Android

Take your enterprise on the Android application platform and reach billions of users worldwide. Leverage the popularity of the operating system and enjoy spreading the good word of your business among Android users with ease.

Android Gaming App Development

Android Gaming App Development

Craft mind-boggling Android games of any kind such as board, war and strategy, horror and thriller, and shooting games with Android app development. You can also benefit from the latest technologies we include for gaming such as IoT, VR/AR, and AI.

Customized Android App Development

Customized Android App Development

While we do have Android solutions that are readymade or prebuilt, you can also opt for a customized Android app development specific to your business objectives and project scope. For instance, e-commerce development, CRM, EHR, and many more.

Design and develop innovative Android apps for millions of users

  • To develop Android applications, developers need to have a good understanding of programming languages such as Java or Kotlin, as well as knowledge of Android development tools such as Android Studio and the Android SDK. These tools are used to design user interfaces, write code, test and debug applications, and deploy them to the Google Play Store.

    Android development can be a lucrative field, as there is a large user base for Android devices, and the platform is constantly evolving with new features and capabilities. However, developing for Android can also be challenging, as there are many different device types and screen sizes

    Benefits of Android App Development

    Android is the most popular operating system running on billions of smart devices such as smartwatches, smart TVs, smartphones, smart vehicles, and many more. Here are some of the best benefits you can expect from app development on Android customized to your needs at our company.

    • Wide Reach – Android covers almost 3/4th of the total market of smart devices. Developing apps on Android assures that your business will reach billions of people worldwide.
    • Reduced TTM (Time to Market) – Native Android app development is quicker, which means your products get to market faster.
    • High ROI – Android apps are said to yield a faster return on investment, enabling you to potentially reap substantial revenue in a short period.
    • Open-Source Privilege – Building your business solutions on Android gives you the benefits of open-source freedom, leading to smooth functioning and an excellent user experience.
    • Customization – The flexibility inherent in Android app development allows software engineers to create customized business solutions tailored to specific needs.
    • Better App Security – Android platform development ensures superior app security, keeping your business data safe and secure.
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Frequency Ask Questions Android App development

  • What is an Android app development service?

    Android app development services simply mean building mobile applications as per your business needs and project scope. It may vary from developing Android apps for eCommerce to healthcare, retail or finance, and many more.

  • Which API is the best for Android app development?

    It depends on the requirements and business goal. There are many APIs available for Android app development and integration. You can contact Android app developers to learn more about it.

  • How can I avail the best Android app development in UAE?

    Sealing a deal with a top Android app development company in UAE such as Shark Matrix is easier. Simply fill out the form to reach us with minimal information required. Our business and technology consultants who are experts in Android app development services in UAE will contact you soon.

  • How to hire native Android app developers at affordable rates?

    You can hire native Android application developers in the UAE at affordable rates. Shark Matrix offers affordable hiring options such as fixed cost, time and material, and dedicated resources to build customized applications on the Android platform for your business. Contact us to learn more about hiring and a quick onboarding process.

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