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The Power of Cross-Platform Through React Native App Development with No Compromise on UX

We create a single codebase that runs smoothly on multiple platforms saving tons for your business.

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  • Shark Matrix is a Frontrunner in React Native App Development Services in the UAE. Whether you are a startup or an established company, saving on software solution development is your business right. Share your business vision with us and our React Native App Developers help you build highly customized and affordable tech solutions. Leverage the power of Cross-Platform App Development at Shark Matrix and enjoy a native-like experience on both platforms iOS and Android equally.

React Native App Development Services

If you are seeking the best React Native app development agency in Dubai, UAE, Shark Matrix proves to be the best tech partner. Talk to our business and technology consultants about your ideation of business automation and we help you with our experience and expertise. Our React Native app developers excel in providing customized cross-platform app development services that assure you accelerated growth in your business through technologically advanced software solutions.

React Native Apps Consultation

React Native Apps Consultation

Every business solution requires a special approach and a general remedy does not work. Avail of your industry-acclaimed React Native consultants’ services to know about the technology and the best possible solutions.

React Native App Development

React Native App Development

Customized to your business needs and project scope, we offer full-fledged React Native app development such as wireframes, prototypes, design/development, testing, and deployment along with maintenance and support.

React Native Code Audit

React Native Code Audit

Hire React Native developers to review or audit the code from your current apps. Our React Native programmers are experts at parsing and dissecting code quality to discover shortcomings. With our React Native code audit, you can eliminate bottlenecks to enhance code execution, speed, and stability.

React Native UI/UX Design

React Native UI/UX Design

A lot depends on the user interface today. Due to an increase in design-centric products, your mobile apps with general designs shall lie in the store. Our expert UI/UX designers visualize and build intuitive interfaces through proven strategies.

React Native App Migration or Upgrade

React Native App Migration or Upgrade

Shifting from other platforms or technology to React Native apps is not an issue with our developers at the helm. Contact us for a complete uplift of obsolete mobile apps and leverage the best of React Native technology.

React Native App Support and Maintenance

React Native App Support and Maintenance

Our business relationship does not end with React Native app development. We walk the extra mile to build healthy relations with our esteemed clients by providing unparalleled post-sales support for the maintenance of their products.

React Native Development Technical Services

Shark Matrix is a total-stack React Native development company in Dubai, UAE offering prudent technical services for those enterprises with specific requirements. If you want to build unique software solutions using React Native technology, we are here to help you out with our sound technical knowledge.

If you require a simple “go-start” to build an app with lower costs but success surety, MVP is the option. Bring down React Native development costs with impactful MVP development to garner terrific benefits through user validation.

Our experienced React Native app developers help your organization reach its target with end-to-end front and backend development. Assure top performance aligned with predefined business goals on both Android and iOS platforms.

You can transform your business effortlessly and sync API development to make your customized product perform superior and synchronous. With our REST API development, you can enjoy hassle-free React Native app performance.

Benefits of React Native App Development

  • There are ample reasons to go for React native app development. Not only do you get quality solutions customized to your business objectives, but also scalable to keep your apps future-ready with advanced technologies. Here are a few business benefits we assure you with our React Native app development services –

    • Faster loading
      React Native apps are known for their faster loading time even with high graphics and animations. Compared to hybrid apps, React Native app development uses native UI components and an optimized rendering engine to deliver quicker loading.
    • Native-like Features
      React Native development services at Shark Matrix assure you that your apps will have access to the same native features written with Java/Objective C. Get optimum use of hardware, GPS, and even enjoy push notifications.
    • Quick TTM
      Hot Reloading and JavaScript base makes React Native app development easier. Developers are quick to write code and build a customized product as per the project scope. As a result, there is shorter time to develop the solution i.e., quick time to market.
    • Low Development Costs
      A traditional native mobile app development would cost you more than React Native apps. It is because here you have a single codebase that runs across other mobile platforms. Save big chunk of money and invest elsewhere.
    • Community Support
      React Native app development services are less likely to suffer due to bugs or complexity in codes. There is a huge community that supports the React Native platform. If programmers are stuck, they can quickly find solutions on community boards.
    • Terrific UI/UX
      We are a React Native app development company known for our intuitive and interactive UI for the best user experience. Responsive design and seamless platform performance give the best native-like experience to your customers.

What our Clients Have to Say


  • What is React Native App Development?

    React Native is a platform that offers a single codebase to build a mobile application that runs on multiple platforms such as Android and iOS.

  • What are the benefits of React Native App Development?

    There are ample benefits of React Native app development, reduced costs being the major one. Since the single code works on multiple platforms, you don’t need to have separate business apps on separate platforms like iOS and Android. A single app shall work on both the operating systems equally.

  • What are the services provided under React Native App Development?

    Shark Matrix is a renowned React Native app development company in Dubai, UAE. We offer end-to-end services such as consultation, design, development, audit, testing, deployment and maintenance of React Native apps.

  • How to choose the best React Native App Development Agency in Dubai?

    Dubai is a thriving place where businesses flourish with advanced technologies and tools. If you are searching for the top React Native app development companies in UAE, Shark Matrix would be the best option. We believe in providing quality React Native solutions at affordable rates and timely delivery.

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