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  • Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most successful marketing mediums for generating genuine leads quickly . These methods have completely revolutionized the way big or small brands advertise their products or services. PPC gives full freedom to advertisers to implement appropriate strategies, target niche audiences, and run campaigns according to budget. The reporting structures in PPC are also accurate, so you can easily measure the ROI and make changes to the campaign accordingly.

    PPC is also different from other marketing platforms because it does not take the money for ad placement but charges you for the actual clicks and the leads you get from the particular PPC ad .

    Shark Matrix is the best PPC company in Dubai, UAE . We have an in-house team of experienced PPC advertisers who can craft and publish successful PPC campaigns for your company. We create the campaign with proper strategy, market research, and competitor analysis to provide your business with effective leads. Do you want to share your PPC marketing requirements with us? Call +971 4 507 2057 or visit us, as we’re located in Dubai only.

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What Makes Us a 360-degree PPC Agency in Dubai, UAE?

Landing Page for PPC

Landing Page for PPC

To improve the conversion rate, we suggest our clients go with separate landing pages. At Shark Matrix, we have PPC campaign management experts who can guide you in the optimization of the landing page. This will include the content part, design of the page, call to action buttons, navigation part & more. If the user gets the right information at the right place, then the chances are high for conversion.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

We analyze your website to find out the information about your products and services. We take your advice as well if you want to focus more on some specific products or services. Based on this discussion, we start the keyword research process for the campaign. We use Google Keywords Planner tool and other paid tools to find out high search volume & the most relevant keywords for PPC campaigns. Right keywords can decrease the number of negative clicks & save the budget.

PPC Campaign Management

PPC Campaign Management

With our experience in this field, we know which campaign is the most suitable for your business. By considering your objective, we select the campaign type, set the budget, add relevant information, and add engaging creatives to get the maximum results. Most of our campaigns got more than a 90% optimization score. We double-check all the information before hitting the publish button because we know how important a brand’s reputation is.

A/B Testing of Ad Copies

A/B Testing of Ad Copies

Without experiments, you will never get the best ROI. So, we will prepare different types of ad copies and experiment with them early in the campaign. We check the audience’s reaction to the ad copies and compare all the copies. This practice helps us select the best ad copy to gain a maximum number of visitors on the targeted landing page. A/B testing of ad copies helps us save valuable money by preventing wrong clicks.

Continues Tracking & Optimization

Continues Tracking & Optimization

We don’t stop after making the campaign live. The actual work starts after that only. Our skilled PPC marketers monitor each campaign and ad group closely. They analyze the different kinds of data such as impressions, clicks, cost per click, conversions, cost per conversions, conversion rate, negative keywords & more. With such analysis, we come to know about the campaign’s current performance and the changes required to increase the performance.

Audience Retargeting Campaigns

Audience Retargeting Campaigns

Shark Matrix is one of the most trusted PPC management services providers in Dubai. Our expert team plays a crucial role in keeping us best in the market by fulfilling our client’s expectations. We increase the chances of conversions by targeting old website visitors. Showcase them the engaging ads of the products or services that they visited earlier. Such remarketing campaigns help us to convert these visitors into buyers.

Scale Up Your Business Quickly with Pay Per Click Advertising Services from Shark Matrix

  • PPC advertising is the trending digital marketing strategy to gain maximum conversion and the best ROI. You can increase profitability with the help of Shark Matrix’s data-driven PPC management services in Dubai. We create effective PPC campaigns to reach a large audience and maximize your business.


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We connect with you and understand your objectives. Such information is helpful for us to create transparent, effective, and result-driven campaigns for your business. Our dedication and experience make us the best PPC agency in Dubai, UAE.

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Multiply your daily leads and sales by hiring Dubai’s leading PPC marketing agency, Digital Gravity. We promise you a solid return against your ad spending, irrespective of the size of your business.

Do you want to multiply your leads and sales to increase the business? Shark Matrix is the best place where we can fulfill all your online marketing requirements under one roof. With our years of experience in this field, one thing we guarantee is that you can expect a solid ROI from us.

  • Agile Methodology

    We work with the Agile methodology to provide accurate PPC advertising services to our clients. Our team continuously keeps in touch with our clients to provide them with all the updates on the campaigns and also to take the necessary information. This helps us to provide the client’s expected results and generate a good return on investment (ROI).

  • Client Feedback

    We keep our clients engaged in the entire PPC campaign management process. We time to time, take feedback from them to make the necessary changes to our campaign. We love to keep the process transparent with our clients. This process also helps us reach the expected goals.

  • Experienced PPC Management Team

    We have hired the most experienced PPC campaign management people on our team. They generate powerful strategies for your brand to bring your brand to the attention and to beat your competitors. Our team always utilizes the best approach to market your products or services in the right way.

  • Data-Driven Approach

    We always believe in a data-driven approach that makes us a leading PPC advertising agency in Dubai. With this approach, we laid a strong foundation for desired results. Our team tracks each data, such as impressions, clicks, conversions, cost per conversion, etc., and reacts accordingly to generate the best results.

  • Performance Metrics

    We set some benchmarks for each campaign and, from time to time, measure the different performance metrics to know whether we’re going on the right path or not. As per the data, we come to know whether we have to optimize the campaign, landing page, ad copies, or keywords to achieve the best results. We help you to raise your brand with our best PPC services in Dubai.

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